Prototype Green School

I’m planning my research for my project/book The Learning Planet. There are an awful lot of places I could visit, all around the world, and I’m very aware that it would be environmentally irresponsible to go to all of them. I can do a lot of learning without visiting. But one place that seems really amazing is The Green School in Bali. It aims to be the number one model for education for sustainability in the world.

Here’s a little extract from their website to show why that is:

“We believe that if we are going to serve as a model of responsibility, Green School must be a nursery for ecologically friendly technologies and ideas. Every day, our students will be able to live within and think about environmental concerns in disciplines ranging from mathematics to current events. We will also sponsor pilot projects, such as testing plastic bags as materials with which to pave roads as well as other new recycling technologies. In addition, we are experimenting with ways to assess CO2 sequestration and to measure what we produce. Our intention is to share our research with companies, schools, and organizations interested in reducing and eliminating CO2 production.”

The school is not a place for the inputting of received knowledge but a laboratory, a factory, a farm, a creative studio led by the children.


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