How about we…

…face what we really feel about future threats to life on Earth rather than self-anaesthetising with constructive denial?

…acknowledge the current threats to the biosphere, and agree that devastating effects of climate change are happening now everywhere, that it is not a vague and indefinable future threat?

…stop asking children to get angry about their future on our behalf?

…stop fighting in a growing panic between camps that prefer different solutions and instead try many clumsy solutions?

…stop feeling that it is shameful, inappropriate or pessimistic to raise our fears or anger about the devastation to our planet?

…know that every time a political or business decision is made it impacts on all living beings, including people, not just on people, because we are all interdependent?

…see that in times when or places where the dominant view is ‘man must conquer nature’, like in Mao’s China, masses of people suffer and die?

…understand that the economic crisis is not the reason to lose interest in tackling the environmental crisis, but that ecocide and climate change are actually causing the economic crisis?

…stop casting environmental action in negative terms, as if it is about saving or meanness, but promote it as the task of generating biosphere capital?

…turn our work, our institutions and our communities into organisations directed to the goal of generating biosphere capital (through eco-innovation, rewilding, permaculture, renewables or eco-literacy, for example)

…start accounting for ecological externalities?

…stop justifying any environmental damage by saying that it brings ‘jobs and growth’, but instead ask, does it give us the ‘means to thrive’?

…insist on using and propagating terms that will help bring about a more ecological way of knowing?

…become literate in all the planetary boundaries, not just climate change, but all of them, and find out how they all interact with each other?

do something to heal the breaches in planetary boundaries, collaborate with others, and try to make sure our actions aren’t driven by ego?

…campaign to make ecocide an international crime against peace?

…elect representatives who don’t dismiss the environment as a ‘single issue’ but who understand that it is ‘the issue’ that stands between mass extinction and a chance for continued human civilisation?

…what else would you add?

I’ve written this because I feel an increasing need for clarity. An election is coming up on May 3rd and the environment (i.e. future generations, era of mass extinction etc) seems to be so little on the agenda or reaching media attention. I’m organising Dot Dot Climate Dash as part of Climate Impacts Day on May 5th, and wanted to produce a call to action. It’s not there yet. I’d like your comments and additions.

I’d also like to compile a list of ‘shift terms’ – phrases and concepts we need to promote for a more ‘ecological epistemology’. I’d love your ideas on that too.


4 responses to “How about we…

  1. I just wrote a comment and lost it so now I can only be brief – sorry. I am glad to see you using the concept of ecological epistemology. I have developed this idea in depth in my PhD – which I will publish shortly. Great blog thanks Bridget.

  2. …see humanity as part of nature instead of above nature?

    …acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers and look to nature for examples?

    …make decisions based on what is best for the whole world instead of what maximizes monetary profits?

    …plant gardens of flowers for everyone instead of picking all the flowers and hoarding them for myself?

    …realize that securing a future for the group is securing a future for myself?

    …only take what we need?

    …leave what we don’t need for others and for future generations?

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