Reblogged from The Unextinction Machine, our family creative activism project.

The Unextinction Machine

The Unextinction Machine is embarking on a new project called Beuysterous.

The word Beuysterous was Megan’s invention. It means being boisterous in a creative way that will heal the biosphere, inspired by Beuys.

You might have heard about the artist Joseph Beuys? He said ‘Everyone is an artist’ and proposed the idea of ‘Social Sculpture’. This meant that ordinary people together could make great works of art, and also that we could see everything that we do together already as art. However, he didn’t just think people should do as they please and it would be wonderful. He saw art as an evolutionary force, that it would make us and our world better. To be creative we don’t only have to make things from extracted materials. We can grow things from nature, and that is creative too. He was responsible for ‘7000 Oaks’, an ambitious artwork to plant…

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