An educated person looks positively deviant

I’m going to be speaking, or running a workshop rather, at the London Festival of Education 2012 on 17th November. There’s an amazing array of speakers, with Michael Gove at one end of the spectrum, and probably me at the other end. To do all the other speakers justice, most of them are some way away from Michael Gove’s end. This weighting may have something to do with Keri Facer‘s involvement in shaping the event. It seems a great value day, only £50.

The reason for my post is that it looks like you’ll have lots of choice and I’d like to be workshopping with more than two people. So, if this topic interests you, please sign up for my session at 3.20pm.

My provocation is: An educated person looks positively deviant

First I will reflect on Edgeryders, a Council of Europe initiative which drew together a community of educators and young people using very social and dialogic methods. It has asked how European policymakers could help young people respond to emerging environmental and economic crisis by shifting thinking about education and employment training. The workshop will begin with a description of some of the provocations and tensions which emerged from the Edgeryders’ discussions, for example about the roles of ‘positive deviancy‘, artistic play and autonomous action by young people, and then open these to debate…

Is positive deviancy (or radical resilience) something that can actually be nurtured? Is it right to do so? Can European education systems and policies prepare people for crisis or will ‘resilients’ emerge?

Comments welcome in advance to help me prepare, so that it meets your interests and needs.


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