This is both a ‘note to self’ and a seed for discussion. I want to see museum and heritage collections and knowledge being put to better use, both being freed up into the commons and being actively organised for enquiry-based learning. These are some areas that I think more work could be done, especially in a digital context.

More categorisation, more imagination, more in-depth evaluation and more user research around how cultural content and experience can enhance:

– spatial exploration of galleries/museums and of heritage sites, including landscapes

– deeper and more extended dialogue (e.g. art as stimulus for philosophy)

– contextualisation of collections – not just contextualisation in place and time, but in relation to cultures (especially diaspora), to ideas and to  material/natural histories

– crowdsourcing and citizen action around science and heritage

– therapeutic enjoyment through immersive or multimodal experiences

– empowering visitors to respond creatively and to develop their own creative skills

– changing people’s minds so that they are moved to support heritage and apply their learning to wider society.


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