Future Action Culture


Future Action Culture Tools are now live!

In the past four years, I’ve been increasingly speaking, researching and facilitating on planning for the future in these areas:

  • Preparing future generations through cultural and creative education
  • Developing ecologically sustainable programmes and content in arts and heritage
  • Scanning the horizon and planning for future risks and opportunities

Building on this work, I’ve produced a set of 27 tools, Future Action Culture Tools (or FACT). They are now live on this website, offered free of charge. They are launched on the weekend of the UN Climate talks and the UN International Day of Peace, 21st September 2014. They make a strong link between environmental crisis and issues of conflict and social justice. They aim to offer arts and heritage organisations (and others) concise and rigorous concepts and information, to help a process of transformation, to:

  • Change the ways you think about and plan for the future
  • Deepen, broaden and share knowledge of the eco-social crisis, its causes and effects
  • Redefine your mission based on sustainable principles
  • Plan how your work helps take ‘future action’, based on identified risks and solutions to the eco-social crisis
  • Adjust the ways you evaluate your work, in context of eco-social crisis
  • Ensure ethical sources of funding, despite austerity.

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