Why I’ve not been blogging

My last article here was a few months ago. I’m not sure that I’ve had any new insights that I haven’t already written here or elsewhere. For example, this crystallises a lot of my thinking about museums lately. Another reason is that I’ve been making time for things like being a governor of the best creative school in the country, singing and learning Italian, visiting my mum (who has dementia), oh, and sleeping. The big reason is that I’ve been way too busy with projects for clients. I just posted an update on our latest work in Flow UK (part of FlowGlobal) so far in 2015. This is a partial list of projects I’ve been working on:

Developing an evaluation framework for Encounters Arts, for their Connect and Inspire programme of projects.

Evaluating Travellers’ Tails, the programme of exhibitions, events, volunteers and a digital tool, accompanying the funded acquisition of two Stubbs paintings of a kangaroo and a dingo.

In a similar vein, evaluating the programme of events, tour and community projects surrounding the funded acquisition by the Ashmolean Museum of Manet’s portrait of Mademoiselle Fanny Claus.

Evaluating the process and partnerships of the ACE-managed national Museums and Schools Programme, and developing an outcomes-based evaluation framework for the next phase.

Working with Guerilla Science, the Festival of the Spoken Nerd, and Ravensbourne on running the Super Human Academy for secondary school pupils to encounter exciting future technologies, supported by Intel.

Evaluating SMASHFestUK, a unique kind of science festival for young people produced by The Registry and hosted by Lewisham organisations such as The Albany Theatre and Deptford Lounge.

Supporting the Maritime Greenwich WHS learning group to sustain and grow its cultural learning partnership, working with schools and arts, heritage and environmental organisations across the borough.

Continuing to develop The Story of the Crick, the heritage activity programme for the new Francis Crick Institute.

We also have four or five more exciting projects in development, with Flow India and associates. More news is to come about one project in particular, Beacon Songs – working with children to respond to Orfordness Lighthouse which is threatened with coastal erosion.


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