Links on ethics of museum sponsorship

There has been quite a flurry of articles and activity in recent days considering the ethics of corporate sponsorship of culture. It’s great to see that it’s the topic of chat in the next Museum Hour on Twitter. I’m putting together these ideas and links to support that discussion, and any other debates that might unfold in coming months.

Background resources and campaigns

The book, Artwash: Big Oil and the Arts by Mel Evans

Free book from Platform Take the Money and Run: Some positions on ethics, business sponsorship and making art

Three expert commentators (including me) analysing the ethics around Tate’s decision to continue with BP sponsorship

The book Museums in a Troubled World by Robert Janes, a far-reaching study of museums in a time of climate change and economic strife

The UK-based Art Not Oil coalition that is the umbrella for all the campaign groups on this issue

The US equivalent campaign group The Natural History Museum

Article by Michelle Wright who is/was programme director of the ACE funded Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy programme

Account by Amber Hickey of the spark for the Liberate Tate campaign

Topical pieces right now (June 2015)

A recent Guardian article about the Art Not Oil campaigns

David Carrington on Arts Pro explaining about distinctions between charitable donations and commercial sponsorship.

A provocation by Alistair Brown at Museums Association about public trust and sponsorship and the MA’s summary of the story about the Science Museum’s Shell-sponsored climate change gallery.

On Wired, What museums sacrifice when they take corporate cash

On Pacific Standard, Do we have to start worrying about the integrity of museums now?  

Article about how the 3,000 museum/cultural sector workers in PCS union voted in a motion against oil sponsorship

My own pieces 

Just published in 25th edition of engage review: The Difference Money Makes: The ethics of corporate funding of gallery education

On CODE:WORDS: The Sociocratic Museum

Summary of arguments about climate change, oil and the ethics of sponsoring culture.

A piece exploring ethics in museums in more depth


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  1. Hi Bridget

    Thx for this- have fwded to my students who will be v grateful! As the earlier Jiscmail post said, the only way is ethics…

    Hope u r ok?



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