Mapping post-referendum views


I’ve created this as a conversational tool to help with:

Mapping all the different positions people hold following the EU Referendum. (You may identify more, or describe them differently, and please comment here if you have any thoughts. I can change the tool based on your comments.)

Considering those who are excluded because they are disenfranchised, not empowered enough to feel able to vote, or affected in other countries or in future generations.

Mapping them in relation to the bases of power, and considering how we can leverage power to achieve outcomes that are best for everyone.


It doesn’t go into detail on all the possible implications and decisions about trade, migration, Scotland, Northern Ireland etc etc because it is intended mainly to focus on people, their values and their empowerment.

I’ve used the term ‘Rich’ to cover both corporations and elite individuals.

As full disclosure, my own position is Remain — Extend Democracy, delay Brexit. I’ve used this term although some in this camp may describe it as ‘Stop Brexit’. People in this group have a number of focal actions, with most now arguing for a detailed plan and an Act of Parliament rather than a less-democratic royal prerogative. Others are pushing as well as, or instead, for a General Election, a Progressive Alliance and a Second Referendum.

Some have asked why I include ‘Non-human species’ and what that means. In particular, I’m thinking of the rights of ‘non-human persons’ (intelligent animals) but also in general, about all species of life with which we cohabit. The EU contributes greatly to protection of the environment, and without a strong EU we are much less able to tackle climate change.

Let me know if you used it, and if so, how it went.

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