Quick ways in

Here is a selection of posts and other links that offer a quick way into my thinking. But do have a dig and a browse into tags and categories if you’re interested in any of these themes.

For my other websites

See About Bridget McKenzie

Beuysterous, creative actions for trees

Graftage, my poems and art

Some presentations shared on Issuu

About climate change and democracy

You can also find these on Medium

A big story about the fossil fuel industry, their misinformation and the state we’re in now – Welcome to the biggest crime that’s ever been committed

Some pieces on the EU Referendum such as To Listen, To Learn

About futures of museums

Seeing museums in 2060 about future scenarios for museums

The Sociocratic Museum explores a vision for democratic, ecological museums that harness digital tools. Also on code:words on Medium.

About values and evaluation

The Oikonomic Value of Culture argues that all ways of valuing culture are economic, that we over-emphasise short term monetary returns and need to prioritise slow and ecological impacts.

Ongoing work towards a Thrivable Culture Framework as a means of evaluating initiatives

Compensating for loss about loss of cultural and natural heritage

About Education

Take on the Curriculum an assessment of Gove’s plans for the National Curriculum in England.

Reflections on home education after 3 years of my daughter refusing to attend secondary school

Learning on the Edge Outlines the Learning Planet model, promoting learning for an uncertain future.

Play for Future: Thoughts about Play for a FutureLearn course.

About young people and life chances 

About sustainability in the cultural sector

Thrivable Culture: Toolkit of workshop ideas for organisations to take action at a time of eco-social crisis.

About the ethics of oil companies sponsoring culture.

Green Knowing – research and reading towards a more ecological way of knowing

About digital

Only Connect: Links to two research papers and an infographic on digital technology, the cultural sector and learning

About coping with change

To Dwell on our Dreams about myth, reality, story and climate change

Good grief – about the need to grieve


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