I’m Bridget McKenzie. In previous decades I’ve been Head of Learning at the British Library and Education Officer for Tate. The Learning Planet is my ongoing enquiry into learning, culture and the sustainability of the planet, and this blog is where I share experimental or personal thoughts on these questions:

  • What kinds of people does the future need? How can we learn fast to ride emerging challenges?
  • How should schools and the curriculum change in this context?
  • Can learning take place more effectively in communities and using digital technologies?
  • How can all organisations including our political institutions change their cultures to be more effective, ethical and relational?
  • In particular, how can creative, cultural and design organisations contribute to this change?

I also explore these questions through consultancy projects with clients and my associates in Flow Associates, the company of which I’m founding director. Our goal is to help cultural organisations thrive, supporting them and their communities to learn, create, connect and flourish. We’re interested in opportunities for funded research, speaking and training, and working with other thinkers on these topics.

If you have any suggestions, do get in touch via the contact form.

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