Resources for cultural response to crisis


Garlick Man solstice parade celebrating pollinators

We are in a state of climate emergency, and, interwoven with this, we are in a global state of ecological and economic collapse. This calls for some creative thinking and some deep cultural change. What are we to do, those of us who have a connection with creative practice, or who work in the arts and cultural sectors?

Here are some resources:

Thrivable Culture toolkit for planning and evaluating change.

Working out what you can do: Types of Cultural Response to Emergency

Ways that cultural organisations can respond to the Thirteen Risks of climate change.

Ideas for Ecological Innovation, inventions or products which you could support through exhibitions, by selling in shops, by partnership investment, or by supply & use in your operations.

Ideas for green alternatives to eco-unfriendly events such as balloon releases and fire/fireworks

Ideas for Connecting Actions, or cultural interventions to increase empathy and compassion

Resources from other organisations, to which I’ve contributed:

Julie’s Bicycle Creative Green tools for cultural orgs to reduce their footprint, including the Museums Environmental Framework.

Happy Museum tools for museums to be resilient, happy and sustainable

Art Not Oil coalition resources and ideas for supporting ethical fossil free funding, and Culture Unstained 

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